All regex-redux problem benchmarks

Current benchmark data was generated on Thu May 04 2023, full log can be found HERE


[x86_64][2 cores] Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8272CL CPU @ 2.60GHz (Model 85)

* -m in a file name stands for multi-threading or multi-processing

* -i in a file name stands for direct intrinsics usage. (Usage of simd intrinsics via libraries is not counted)

* -ffi in a file name stands for non-stdlib FFI usage

* (You may find time < time(user) + time(sys) for some non-parallelized programs, the overhead is from GC or JIT compiler, which are allowed to take advantage of multi-cores as that's more close to real-world scenarios.)


Input: 2500000_in

lang code time stddev peak-mem mem time(user) time(sys) compiler compiler/runtime
rust 606ms 7.8ms 77.3MB 677ms 20ms rustc 1.69.0
d 3.d 764ms 1.2ms 171.9MB 923ms 70ms ldc2 1.32.1
d 3.d 1661ms 11ms 172.5MB 1843ms 63ms dmd 2.103.1
chapel 3.chpl 2004ms 35ms 223.5MB 1837ms 150ms chpl 1.30.0
nim 1.nim 2448ms 8.6ms 167.7MB 2377ms 53ms nim/clang 1.6.12
nim 1.nim 2491ms 4.7ms 167.2MB 2417ms 53ms nim 1.6.12
csharp 5.cs 3185ms 5.9ms 525.3MB 3177ms 203ms dotnet 7.0.203
python 3388ms 38ms 273.2MB 3253ms 117ms pypy 3.9.16
csharp 6.cs 3534ms 9.6ms 459.5MB 3380ms 200ms dotnet/aot 7.0.203
csharp 6.cs 3658ms 65ms 521.2MB 3520ms 203ms dotnet 7.0.203
csharp 5.cs timeout 0.0ms 184.6MB 4953ms 103ms dotnet/aot 7.0.203
dart 1.dart timeout 0.0ms 161.3MB 4923ms 60ms dart/exe
dart 1.dart timeout 0.0ms 158.6MB 4923ms 47ms dart/exe 2.19.6
go 3.go timeout 0.0ms 113.6MB 4960ms 93ms go 1.20.4
go 3.go timeout 0.0ms 104.0MB 4947ms 30ms tinygo 0.27.0
java timeout 0.0ms 252.3MB 5367ms 90ms graal/jvm 17.0.7
java timeout 0.0ms 202.3MB 5253ms 60ms openjdk 20
java timeout 0.0ms 241.0MB 5237ms 83ms openjdk 21
java timeout 0.0ms 337.3MB 4933ms 263ms openjdk/zgc 20
kotlin 1.kt timeout 0.0ms 161.4MB 5347ms 63ms kotlin/jvm 17.0.2
kotlin 1n.kt timeout 0.0ms 277.1MB 5817ms 540ms kotlin/native 1.8.21
ocaml timeout 0.0ms 181.9MB 4887ms 90ms ocaml 5.0.0
python timeout 0.0ms 108.2MB 4930ms 57ms cpython 3.11.3
python timeout 0.0ms 107.6MB 4930ms 53ms pyston 3.8.12
v 1.v timeout 0.0ms 93.2MB 4960ms 20ms v/clang+gc 0.3.4

Input: 250000_in

lang code time stddev peak-mem mem time(user) time(sys) compiler compiler/runtime
rust 65ms 1.7ms 11.7MB 63ms 0ms rustc 1.69.0
d 3.d 83ms 0.8ms 24.9MB 90ms 3ms ldc2 1.32.1
d 3.d 174ms 0.8ms 26.1MB 180ms 7ms dmd 2.103.1
chapel 3.chpl 221ms 3.5ms 52.9MB 180ms 23ms chpl 1.30.0
nim 1.nim 250ms 1.4ms 17.1MB 233ms 3ms nim/clang 1.6.12
nim 1.nim 254ms 3.0ms 16.7MB 230ms 7ms nim 1.6.12
csharp 6.cs 373ms 3.1ms 72.5MB 350ms 23ms dotnet/aot 7.0.203
csharp 5.cs 468ms 3.5ms 94.9MB 410ms 43ms dotnet 7.0.203
python 475ms 3.2ms 94.3MB 430ms 27ms pypy 3.9.16
csharp 6.cs 531ms 9.0ms 92.7MB 460ms 53ms dotnet 7.0.203
dart 1.dart 696ms 4.2ms 47.8MB 650ms 27ms dart/exe
dart 1.dart 708ms 0.7ms 56.3MB 673ms 23ms dart/exe 2.19.6
csharp 5.cs 713ms 1.8ms 70.3MB 683ms 23ms dotnet/aot 7.0.203
ocaml 715ms 2.6ms 52.5MB 673ms 27ms ocaml 5.0.0
python 774ms 1.5ms 30.6MB 743ms 13ms pyston 3.8.12
python 821ms 4.6ms 31.9MB 783ms 23ms cpython 3.11.3
java 1003ms 11ms 102.7MB 1307ms 47ms openjdk 21
kotlin 1.kt 1013ms 16ms 95.2MB 1330ms 50ms kotlin/jvm 17.0.2
java 1035ms 19ms 169.4MB 1463ms 67ms graal/jvm 17.0.7
java 1037ms 24ms 112.3MB 1353ms 40ms openjdk 20
java 1156ms 14ms 156.1MB 1313ms 140ms openjdk/zgc 20
go 3.go 2459ms 2.8ms 18.8MB 2430ms 30ms go 1.20.4
go 3.go 3354ms 2.7ms 30.0MB 3330ms 7ms tinygo 0.27.0
kotlin 1n.kt 4856ms 15ms 65.2MB 6453ms 37ms kotlin/native 1.8.21
v 1.v 4881ms 5.4ms 27.7MB 4853ms 10ms v/clang+gc 0.3.4