All coro-prime-sieve problem benchmarks

Current benchmark data was generated on Wed Mar 22 2023, full log can be found HERE


[x86_64][2 cores] Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8370C CPU @ 2.80GHz (Model 106)

* -m in a file name stands for multi-threading or multi-processing

* -i in a file name stands for direct intrinsics usage. (Usage of simd intrinsics via libraries is not counted)

* -ffi in a file name stands for non-stdlib FFI usage

* (You may find time < time(user) + time(sys) for some non-parallelized programs, the overhead is from GC or JIT compiler, which are allowed to take advantage of multi-cores as that's more close to real-world scenarios.)


Input: 4000

lang code time stddev peak-mem mem time(user) time(sys) compiler compiler/runtime
rust 989ms 18ms 6.2MB 1880ms 23ms rustc 1.68.0
go 1-m.go 1182ms 121ms 13.5MB 2297ms 7ms go 1.20.2
python 1253ms 5.3ms 193.1MB 1167ms 67ms pypy 3.9.16
rust 1356ms 89ms 4.6MB 2623ms 23ms rustc 1.68.0
wasm 1531ms 71ms 58.5MB 1547ms 7ms node 18.15.0
wasm 1540ms 15ms 14.3MB 1530ms 0ms wasmtime 7.0.0
crystal 1816ms 1.9ms 20.3MB 1773ms 20ms crystal 1.7.3
rust 1919ms 11ms 6.2MB 1880ms 23ms rustc 1.68.0
wasm 1949ms 6.3ms 18.3MB 1933ms 0ms wasmedgec 0.11.2
typescript 1.ts 1988ms 37ms 79.4MB 2000ms 30ms deno 1.31.3
javascript 1.js 2407ms 21ms 82.1MB 2447ms 47ms node 19.8.1
kotlin 1.kt 2871ms 113ms 160.2MB 3643ms 63ms kotlin/jvm 17.0.2
rust 2932ms 28ms 5.0MB 5663ms 80ms rustc 1.68.0
kotlin 2-m.kt 2981ms 233ms 155.2MB 5667ms 80ms kotlin/jvm 17.0.2
go 1.go 3050ms 2.8ms 253.1MB 2987ms 43ms tinygo 0.27.0
rust 3200ms 8.6ms 4.2MB 3183ms 0ms rustc 1.68.0
ruby 1.rb 3273ms 12ms 82.7MB 3213ms 40ms ruby/yjit 3.2.1
javascript 1.js 3349ms 34ms 115.9MB 3340ms 33ms bun 0.5.8
java 3550ms 375ms 198.0MB 6750ms 97ms openjdk 19
ruby 1.rb 3704ms 36ms 82.1MB 3630ms 53ms ruby 3.2.1
chapel 1-m.chpl 4273ms 62ms 89.4MB 8297ms 43ms chpl 1.29.0
java 4412ms 34ms 932.1MB 7853ms 540ms openjdk/zgc 19
csharp 1-m.cs 4541ms 248ms 104.1MB 7837ms 77ms dotnet 7.0.202
csharp 1.cs timeout 0.0ms 84.3MB 9297ms 63ms dotnet/aot 7.0.202
d 1.d timeout 0.0ms 15.2MB 4963ms 17ms dmd 2.102.2
d 1.d timeout 0.0ms 14.2MB 4963ms 17ms ldc2 1.31.0
dart 1.dart timeout 0.0ms 24.8MB 4910ms 60ms dart/exe
dart 1.dart timeout 0.0ms 26.3MB 4930ms 50ms dart/exe 2.19.5
java timeout 0.0ms 143.0MB 9343ms 73ms openjdk 21
kotlin 1.kt timeout 0.0ms 10.7MB 6233ms 313ms kotlin/native 1.8.10
kotlin 2-m.kt timeout 0.0ms 29.9MB 9310ms 160ms kotlin/native 1.8.10
nim 1.nim timeout 0.0ms 423.2MB 3360ms 1290ms nim/clang 1.6.12
nim 1.nim timeout 0.0ms 420.9MB 3417ms 1237ms nim 1.6.12
python timeout 0.0ms 20.0MB 4980ms 3ms cpython 3.11.2
python timeout 0.0ms 17.0MB 4973ms 10ms pyston 3.8.12
ruby 1.rb timeout 0.0ms 1118.6MB 4167ms 1353ms truffleruby 22.3.1
v 1.v timeout 0.0ms 15.3MB 5280ms 4060ms v/clang+gc 0.3.3
v 1.v timeout 0.0ms 21.1MB 5263ms 4157ms v/clang 0.3.3

Input: 1000

lang code time stddev peak-mem mem time(user) time(sys) compiler compiler/runtime
go 1-m.go 79ms 14ms 5.4MB 133ms 0ms go 1.20.2
rust 80ms 5.4ms 2.9MB 127ms 3ms rustc 1.68.0
crystal 102ms 4.3ms 7.3MB 87ms 3ms crystal 1.7.3
wasm 108ms 4.5ms 12.8MB 93ms 0ms wasmtime 7.0.0
rust 109ms 8.6ms 2.7MB 190ms 0ms rustc 1.68.0
rust 119ms 0.5ms 3.2MB 107ms 0ms rustc 1.68.0
wasm 134ms 1.8ms 16.5MB 123ms 0ms wasmedgec 0.11.2
wasm 167ms 3.4ms 57.4MB 180ms 3ms node 18.15.0
typescript 1.ts 207ms 6.9ms 53.0MB 173ms 10ms deno 1.31.3
rust 208ms 8.0ms 3.0MB 363ms 10ms rustc 1.68.0
rust 211ms 1.8ms 2.6MB 197ms 0ms rustc 1.68.0
javascript 1.js 221ms 6.1ms 63.1MB 203ms 7ms node 19.8.1
ruby 1.rb 228ms 3.7ms 45.0MB 193ms 17ms ruby/yjit 3.2.1
ruby 1.rb 241ms 1.1ms 44.5MB 200ms 27ms ruby 3.2.1
javascript 1.js 243ms 4.9ms 103.5MB 253ms 17ms bun 0.5.8
python 277ms 8.3ms 92.7MB 243ms 17ms pypy 3.9.16
chapel 1-m.chpl 289ms 13ms 56.1MB 507ms 10ms chpl 1.29.0
csharp 1-m.cs 374ms 10ms 66.5MB 597ms 40ms dotnet/aot 7.0.202
go 1.go 485ms 1.1ms 66.8MB 460ms 10ms tinygo 0.27.0
dart 1.dart 554ms 0.8ms 17.9MB 530ms 10ms dart/exe 2.19.5
csharp 1.cs 557ms 41ms 84.3MB 747ms 47ms dotnet 7.0.202
dart 1.dart 559ms 7.4ms 16.1MB 527ms 13ms dart/exe
kotlin 1-m.kt 705ms 19ms 95.1MB 1220ms 53ms kotlin/jvm 17.0.2
java 768ms 36ms 105.4MB 1360ms 40ms openjdk 21
java 817ms 113ms 113.6MB 1420ms 57ms openjdk 19
python 823ms 17ms 20.1MB 800ms 0ms cpython 3.11.2
python 932ms 1.9ms 16.9MB 910ms 0ms pyston 3.8.12
java 957ms 32ms 230.4MB 1510ms 203ms openjdk/zgc 19
kotlin 2-m.kt 989ms 35ms 23.9MB 1770ms 47ms kotlin/native 1.8.10
kotlin 2-m.kt 1005ms 89ms 113.5MB 1827ms 40ms kotlin/jvm 17.0.2
kotlin 1.kt 1111ms 13ms 8.9MB 1390ms 50ms kotlin/native 1.8.10
d 1.d 1340ms 6.9ms 10.4MB 1323ms 3ms ldc2 1.31.0
d 1.d 1590ms 13ms 10.3MB 1573ms 3ms dmd 2.102.2
v 1-m.v 3833ms 456ms 14.6MB 4013ms 3223ms v/clang+gc 0.3.3
v 1-m.v 3883ms 737ms 25.2MB 4040ms 3180ms v/clang 0.3.3
nim 1.nim timeout 0.0ms 422.4MB 3427ms 1223ms nim/clang 1.6.12
nim 1.nim timeout 0.0ms 421.6MB 3393ms 1257ms nim 1.6.12
ruby 1.rb timeout 0.0ms 1115.6MB 4157ms 1287ms truffleruby 22.3.1