All fannkuch-redux problem benchmarks

Current benchmark data was generated on Thu Jul 13 2023, full log can be found HERE


[x86_64][2 cores] Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8370C CPU @ 2.80GHz (Model 106)

* -m in a file name stands for multi-threading or multi-processing

* -i in a file name stands for direct intrinsics usage. (Usage of simd intrinsics via libraries is not counted)

* -ffi in a file name stands for non-stdlib FFI usage

* (You may find time < time(user) + time(sys) for some non-parallelized programs, the overhead is from GC or JIT compiler, which are allowed to take advantage of multi-cores as that's more close to real-world scenarios.)


Input: 11

lang code time stddev peak-mem mem time(user) time(sys) compiler compiler/runtime
cpp 1-im.cpp 755ms 45ms 1.2MB 1417ms 0ms g++ 11.3.0
d 1-im.d 764ms 7.7ms 1.6MB 1467ms 0ms ldc2 1.32.2
cpp 1-im.cpp 767ms 1.8ms 4.0MB 1490ms 0ms clang++ 14.0.0
rust 805ms 10ms 1.1MB 1557ms 0ms rustc 1.70.0
rust 1055ms 3.5ms 1.0MB 2027ms 0ms rustc 1.70.0
rust 1197ms 13ms 1.1MB 2310ms 0ms rustc 1.70.0
zig 2-m.zig 1363ms 20ms 1.1MB 2657ms 0ms zig 0.11.0-dev.3978+711b4e93e
d 1-i.d 1437ms 2.6ms 1.5MB 1423ms 0ms ldc2 1.32.2
go 3-m.go 1447ms 30ms 4.9MB 2773ms 3ms go 1.20.6
java 1660ms 24ms 92.0MB 3147ms 30ms graal/jvm 17.0.7
rust 1678ms 2.7ms 1.0MB 1667ms 0ms rustc 1.70.0
java 1678ms 19ms 43.4MB 3203ms 13ms openjdk 22
java 1706ms 16ms 42.4MB 3177ms 57ms openjdk/zgc 20
java 1751ms 60ms 40.7MB 3347ms 10ms openjdk 20
zig 3-i.zig 1835ms 1.1ms 0.9MB 1823ms 0ms zig 0.11.0-dev.3978+711b4e93e
rust 1980ms 32ms 1.1MB 3797ms 0ms rustc 1.70.0
rust 2298ms 0.8ms 1.0MB 2290ms 0ms rustc 1.70.0
zig 2.zig 2441ms 4.8ms 1.0MB 2427ms 0ms zig 0.11.0-dev.3978+711b4e93e
d 2-im.d 2472ms 20ms 1.6MB 4823ms 0ms ldc2 1.32.2
go 3.go 3013ms 2.7ms 50.3MB 2997ms 3ms tinygo 0.28.1
v 1.v 3277ms 8.8ms 2.0MB 3267ms 0ms v/clang 0.4.0
v 1.v 3297ms 6.2ms 2.0MB 3287ms 0ms v/clang+gc 0.4.0
swift 1.swift 3306ms 8.5ms 2.3MB 3290ms 0ms swift 5.8.1
zig 1.zig 3493ms 41ms 1.0MB 3477ms 0ms zig 0.11.0-dev.3978+711b4e93e
crystal 3629ms 9.7ms 2.9MB 3617ms 0ms crystal 1.9.0
rust 3718ms 31ms 1.0MB 3707ms 0ms rustc 1.70.0
ocaml 3984ms 14ms 2.8MB 3973ms 0ms ocaml 5.0.0
dart 2.dart 4139ms 141ms 11.4MB 4120ms 0ms dart/exe 3.0.6
d 1.d 4308ms 0.9ms 1.5MB 4297ms 0ms ldc2 1.32.2
wasm 4639ms 46ms 16.1MB 4623ms 0ms wasmtime 10.0.1
d 2-i.d 4780ms 2.9ms 1.5MB 4767ms 0ms ldc2 1.32.2
d 1.d 4942ms 3.0ms 2.9MB 4927ms 0ms dmd 2.104.1
d 1-i.d timeout 0.0ms 2.8MB 4987ms 0ms dmd 2.104.1
d 1-im.d timeout 0.0ms 2.9MB 9707ms 3ms dmd 2.104.1
d 2-i.d timeout 0.0ms 2.9MB 4990ms 0ms dmd 2.104.1
d 2-im.d timeout 0.0ms 2.9MB 9800ms 3ms dmd 2.104.1
wasm timeout 0.0ms 49.3MB 4973ms 10ms node 18.16.1
wasm timeout 0.0ms 28.0MB 4983ms 0ms wasmedgec 0.13.1

Input: 10

lang code time stddev peak-mem mem time(user) time(sys) compiler compiler/runtime
cpp 1-im.cpp 71ms 2.2ms 1.2MB 120ms 0ms g++ 11.3.0
cpp 1-im.cpp 72ms 2.1ms 4.3MB 120ms 0ms clang++ 14.0.0
rust 72ms 1.1ms 1.0MB 120ms 0ms rustc 1.70.0
d 1-im.d 73ms 0.7ms 1.6MB 120ms 0ms ldc2 1.32.2
rust 95ms 0.5ms 1.0MB 160ms 0ms rustc 1.70.0
rust 112ms 1.6ms 1.0MB 183ms 0ms rustc 1.70.0
d 1-i.d 122ms 0.6ms 1.5MB 110ms 0ms ldc2 1.32.2
zig 2-m.zig 128ms 2.6ms 1.2MB 230ms 0ms zig 0.11.0-dev.3978+711b4e93e
rust 140ms 0.4ms 1.0MB 130ms 0ms rustc 1.70.0
go 3-m.go 144ms 0.9ms 2.9MB 217ms 3ms go 1.20.6
zig 3-i.zig 154ms 1.9ms 1.0MB 143ms 0ms zig 0.11.0-dev.3978+711b4e93e
rust 172ms 4.7ms 1.1MB 310ms 0ms rustc 1.70.0
rust 195ms 0.7ms 1.0MB 183ms 0ms rustc 1.70.0
zig 2.zig 204ms 0.2ms 0.9MB 193ms 0ms zig 0.11.0-dev.3978+711b4e93e
d 2-im.d 215ms 5.5ms 3.1MB 390ms 0ms ldc2 1.32.2
v 1.v 274ms 0.6ms 2.0MB 263ms 0ms v/clang+gc 0.4.0
java 275ms 5.3ms 40.7MB 440ms 13ms openjdk 20
v 1.v 276ms 2.9ms 1.9MB 263ms 0ms v/clang 0.4.0
swift 1.swift 280ms 1.5ms 2.3MB 270ms 0ms swift 5.8.1
java 283ms 13ms 92.9MB 453ms 20ms graal/jvm 17.0.7
java 285ms 8.9ms 43.6MB 443ms 17ms openjdk 22
zig 1.zig 288ms 1.0ms 1.0MB 280ms 0ms zig 0.11.0-dev.3978+711b4e93e
crystal 298ms 0.3ms 3.0MB 290ms 0ms crystal 1.9.0
java 311ms 6.6ms 42.4MB 427ms 53ms openjdk/zgc 20
rust 314ms 4.7ms 1.0MB 300ms 0ms rustc 1.70.0
ocaml 331ms 1.3ms 2.9MB 320ms 0ms ocaml 5.0.0
dart 2.dart 332ms 1.8ms 11.9MB 313ms 0ms dart/exe 3.0.6
d 1.d 360ms 1.7ms 1.5MB 350ms 0ms ldc2 1.32.2
d 2-i.d 395ms 0.5ms 1.5MB 380ms 0ms ldc2 1.32.2
wasm 400ms 11ms 16.2MB 387ms 0ms wasmtime 10.0.1
go 3.go 407ms 0.1ms 48.9MB 390ms 3ms tinygo 0.28.1
d 1.d 413ms 1.0ms 2.8MB 403ms 0ms dmd 2.104.1
d 1-im.d 428ms 2.0ms 4.6MB 803ms 0ms dmd 2.104.1
wasm 470ms 0.8ms 26.4MB 453ms 0ms wasmedgec 0.13.1
d 1-i.d 807ms 0.7ms 2.7MB 797ms 0ms dmd 2.104.1
wasm 839ms 1.7ms 49.5MB 823ms 7ms node 18.16.1
d 2-im.d 885ms 158ms 4.9MB 1530ms 0ms dmd 2.104.1
d 2-i.d 1438ms 0.3ms 2.8MB 1423ms 0ms dmd 2.104.1