All http-server problem benchmarks

Current benchmark data was generated on Thu Feb 01 2024, full log can be found HERE


[x86_64][4 cores] AMD EPYC 7763 64-Core Processor (Model 1)

* -m in a file name stands for multi-threading or multi-processing

* -i in a file name stands for direct intrinsics usage. (Usage of simd intrinsics via libraries is not counted)

* -ffi in a file name stands for non-stdlib FFI usage

* (You may find time < time(user) + time(sys) for some non-parallelized programs, the overhead is from GC or JIT compiler, which are allowed to take advantage of multi-cores as that's more close to real-world scenarios.)


Input: 3000

lang code time stddev peak-mem mem time(user) time(sys) compiler compiler/runtime
d 2-m.d 3.4ms 5.9ms 18.5MB 405ms 710ms ldc2 1.36.0
go 1-http2.go 121ms 6.0ms 59.4MB 300ms 103ms go 1.21.6
javascript 1.bun.js 181ms 7.8ms 109.5MB 93ms 93ms bun 1.0.25
rust 338ms 70ms 47.5MB 553ms 363ms rustc 1.75.0
rust 345ms 58ms 47.2MB 143ms 373ms rustc 1.75.0
rust 418ms 40ms 55.6MB 817ms 417ms rustc 1.75.0
rust 425ms 4.8ms 64.5MB 217ms 840ms rustc 1.75.0
go 2-m.go 445ms 7.9ms 175.9MB 593ms 670ms go 1.21.6
go 1-m.go 454ms 8.3ms 167.7MB 667ms 603ms go 1.21.6
csharp 2-http2.cs 629ms 6.5ms 119.0MB 820ms 160ms dotnet 8.0.101
csharp 2-m.cs 716ms 35ms 148.5MB 767ms 627ms dotnet 8.0.101
v 1-m.v 737ms 12ms 10.3MB 483ms 1447ms v/clang+gc 0.4.4
csharp 1-m.cs 846ms 24ms 171.9MB 1123ms 817ms dotnet 8.0.101
csharp 2-http3.cs 857ms 32ms 151.8MB 1227ms 317ms dotnet 8.0.101
nim 1.nim 895ms 13ms 97.3MB 283ms 583ms nim 2.0.2
nim 1.nim 909ms 5.9ms 98.3MB 293ms 583ms nim/clang 2.0.2
typescript 2-m.ts 950ms 13ms 168.7MB 1003ms 447ms deno 1.40.2
typescript 1-m.ts 982ms 39ms 167.3MB 1020ms 480ms deno 1.40.2
d 1.d 1030ms 1.0ms 18.3MB 393ms 690ms ldc2 1.36.0
d 2.d 1032ms 3.0ms 25.3MB 553ms 677ms dmd 2.106.1
d 1.d 1036ms 0.9ms 22.0MB 533ms 700ms dmd 2.106.1
typescript 2-tls.ts 1138ms 20ms 170.2MB 1173ms 490ms deno 1.40.2
typescript 1-http2.ts 1144ms 47ms 167.1MB 1200ms 470ms deno 1.40.2
dart 2-m.dart 1386ms 35ms 120.2MB 1173ms 1390ms dart/exe 3.2.6
python 2025ms 149ms 36.9MB 1037ms 1437ms pyston 3.8.12
python 2549ms 259ms 33.6MB 1583ms 1460ms cpython 3.12.1
kotlin 2-m.kt 3188ms 2764ms 353.0MB 15630ms 2370ms kotlin/jvm 21
javascript 1-m.js 3227ms 733ms 217.5MB 3567ms 1320ms node 21.6.1
crystal 3454ms 121ms 214.8MB 293ms 433ms crystal 1.11.2
python 4777ms 225ms 98.0MB 3277ms 1110ms pypy 3.10.13
dart 1.dart timeout 0.0ms 117.0MB 1233ms 1397ms dart/exe 3.2.6
kotlin 1.kt timeout 0.0ms 405.5MB 16613ms 2393ms kotlin/jvm 21

Input: 500

lang code time stddev peak-mem mem time(user) time(sys) compiler compiler/runtime
go 1-http2.go 25ms 14ms 25.4MB 50ms 30ms go 1.21.6
rust 103ms 11ms 16.6MB 23ms 80ms rustc 1.75.0
go 2-m.go 111ms 29ms 33.9MB 87ms 83ms go 1.21.6
go 1-m.go 112ms 8.6ms 38.1MB 97ms 97ms go 1.21.6
javascript 1.bun.js 127ms 11ms 81.1MB 30ms 53ms bun 1.0.25
v 1-m.v 129ms 10ms 11.3MB 70ms 243ms v/clang+gc 0.4.4
rust 142ms 7.8ms 29.0MB 43ms 170ms rustc 1.75.0
nim 1.nim 147ms 2.3ms 18.0MB 27ms 100ms nim 2.0.2
nim 1.nim 149ms 1.0ms 18.1MB 43ms 90ms nim/clang 2.0.2
rust 202ms 46ms 27.5MB 327ms 167ms rustc 1.75.0
rust 204ms 16ms 25.3MB 380ms 140ms rustc 1.75.0
typescript 2.ts 223ms 8.6ms 91.5MB 120ms 100ms deno 1.40.2
typescript 1.ts 231ms 16ms 95.2MB 143ms 77ms deno 1.40.2
typescript 1-http2.ts 271ms 15ms 90.4MB 173ms 87ms deno 1.40.2
dart 2.dart 320ms 8.6ms 50.4MB 177ms 267ms dart/exe 3.2.6
typescript 2-tls.ts 385ms 15ms 96.0MB 270ms 103ms deno 1.40.2
javascript 1.js 418ms 5.4ms 71.0MB 390ms 117ms node 21.6.1
csharp 2.cs 434ms 9.7ms 98.1MB 387ms 183ms dotnet 8.0.101
csharp 1-m.cs 471ms 12ms 106.5MB 527ms 223ms dotnet 8.0.101
csharp 2-http2.cs 559ms 14ms 95.7MB 530ms 123ms dotnet 8.0.101
csharp 2-http3.cs 622ms 17ms 106.2MB 660ms 150ms dotnet 8.0.101
d 1.d 1009ms 0.3ms 22.3MB 50ms 140ms ldc2 1.36.0
d 1.d 1012ms 2.4ms 25.3MB 80ms 133ms dmd 2.106.1
d 2.d 1012ms 2.6ms 20.6MB 63ms 130ms ldc2 1.36.0
d 2.d 1014ms 3.0ms 23.4MB 77ms 130ms dmd 2.106.1
python 1113ms 9.9ms 28.9MB 323ms 247ms cpython 3.12.1
python 1119ms 55ms 30.6MB 210ms 260ms pyston 3.8.12
crystal 1157ms 109ms 53.9MB 27ms 77ms crystal 1.11.2
python 1605ms 357ms 88.8MB 810ms 207ms pypy 3.10.13
kotlin 2-m.kt 2166ms 328ms 250.2MB 3897ms 460ms kotlin/jvm 21
dart 1.dart 2312ms 20ms 50.6MB 197ms 233ms dart/exe 3.2.6
kotlin 1-m.kt 2399ms 24ms 215.3MB 6757ms 710ms kotlin/jvm 21