This site provides side by side comparison of several programming languages and their different compilers or runtime

It currently uses CI to generate benchmark results to guarantee all the numbers are generated from the same environment at nearly the same time. All benchmark tests are executed in a single CI job

Once a change is merged into main branch, the CI job will re-generate and publish the static website

Main goals:

  • Compare performance differences between different languages. Note that implementations might be using different optimizations, e.g. with or without multithreading, please do read the source code to check if it's a fair comparision or not.
  • Compare performance differences between different compilers or runtimes of the same language with the same source code.
  • Facilitate benchmarking on real server environments as nowadays more and more applications are deployed with docker/k8s. It's likely to get a very different result from what you get on your dev machine.
  • A reference for CI setup / Dev environment setup / package management setup for different languages. Refer to Github action

Current benchmark data was generated on Tue Jan 18 2022, full log can be found HERE

It's inspired by Benchmarks Game, some of the benchmark problems and implementation are borrowed from it.